miyu (miyu01) wrote,

New hobby or what to do with my life?

For the last few months I have a really strong feeling that I should do something with my life. I am thinking about finding a new hobby (I was considering art classes) since I am under heavy stress and I need something to get rid of it.

But I don’t know what to do. Basically I have stopped to do anything I loved before. I am not playing ITG (DDR), since the journal I was writing for got cancelled - I haven’t written any article, my only longer fan fiction is on hiatus and I am in a big crisis with my AMVs, I wasn’t able to make a proper one since last spring.

I will not burden you with my personal problems, but I really, really need something funny to do. I made a google+ account because I was told that you can have a some sort of a blog there. I was thinking that I could start to write about books and stuff I find interesting (maybe someone else would find them interesting too).

I had fun working on my last panel about YA paranormal novels and I am proud of this work and people liked it. I believe I could write a PhD. thesis for this theme, but I don’t know on which faculty I should apply with something like this.  (To be clear I didn’t praise it but the opposite). I had only an hour but there were many things I wanted to say or to add but couldn’t because of the time pressure. This is why I am thinking about writing an articles about things and publish them on internet (google+ ?).

But maybe I will take those art classes and move on with my life, but I just can’t decide or just start to do something. Why am I so lazy?

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